Poles and Jews in a Small Galician Town

by Rosa Lehmann

Berghahn Books, Oxford/New York

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“Lehmann gives a highly nuanced picture of the hostile coexistence, interdependence and patron-client relationships which prevailed in the town. Her work, in particular, her discussion of the way the small wealthy Jewish elite provided for its Polish clients, breaks new ground and makes this an important and significant study.”

Antony Polonsky, Brandeis University

“Rosa Lehmann presents a well-researched historical anthropological case study of Polish-Jewish relations. One of its major values has to do with a successful integration of economic history into anthropological interpretation.”

Ewa Ignaczak, International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam

“Lehmann uses both quantitative data and deep interviews to document the social makeup of the Jews and non-Jews in Jasliska in the interwar period. There are few parallels to this kind of analysis.”

Shaul Stampfer, Hebrew University

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